TMJ Escondido

TMJ Escondido

Escondido dentist Dr. Bozir and her team at California Smiles Family Dental can provide experienced and effective solutions in treating TMJ.

TMJ refers to Temporomandibular Joints, which can be a frequent source of jaw pain for some patients.

TMJ is located in front of the ears, which are on both sides of the face.  Speaking, chewing, and oral movements are controlled by this joint.

This means any problems affecting this area can potentially influence your oral functions. When jaw pain, misaligned bite, irritation, or neck discomfort occur, the TMJ may be the primary source of the problem.  

TMJ problems can also provide a number of secondary symptoms, including joint locking, shoulder pain, and headaches. Dr. Bozir and her team will examine the area around this joint and determine the best, recommended course of action.

Thanks to the decades of experience our team possesses in this field, we have helped many patients overcome challenging TMJ issues.  We are highly knowledgeable about the risks associated with this problem and can work closely with you in providing the ideal solution.

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