Sleep Apnea Escondido

Snore Guard Escondido

If breathing or snoring issues occur during your sleep, these may be caused by a problem known as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea affects numerous individuals and can be challenging to diagnose.  This problem not only prevents you from enjoying a good night’s sleep, but can also lead to serious health consequences.

Fortunately, the expertise of Escondido dentist Dr. Bozir and her team can prevent those potential issues with the most effective treatments.

We provide snore guards that make your sleep more comfortable and prevent excessive snoring.  They provide stable benefits to your jaw that will prevent them from dropping back and restricting the flow of air.  The guard can fit comfortably over the upper teeth to position the lower jaw forward, this enables proper breathing functions.

You can adjust your sleeping position to prevent the occurrence of breathing pauses during sleep.  Avoiding alcohol consumption can also be essential in helping you manage this disorder.

Our dedicated team can provide successful results regardless of the extent of the problem.  Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation today!