Dental Crowns Escondido

Dental Crowns EscondidoTooth decay can severely affect your dental health in numerous ways.  Your teeth can lose their natural rigidity and begin to show signs of damage.

This can result in increased vulnerability to periodontal diseases.   The team at California Smiles Family Dental can provide the ideal solution to this problem in the form of crowns.

Crowns can be produced from various sources of material, including gold, porcelain, and composite.  Each type provides a unique set of benefits in restoring your smile.

Crowns are generally prosthetic teeth, which means they are artificially fabricated to emulate the natural appearance and function of your smile.  Crowns can also be utilized as a restoration during other procedures, including dental implants, extractions, and root canals.

This treatment is similar to veneers, the main distinction being that crowns encase every surface of your tooth while veneers only protect the frontal portion.  Crowns also provide reinforcement to the structure of your teeth, providing them with increased resistance against external damage.

Thanks to the extra support provided by crowns, you can receive numerous benefits to your smile in the form of improved health and cosmetic beauty.