Invisalign Escondido

Invisalign EscondidoInvisalign delivers a more comfortable and efficient way of straightening your smile.  While metal braces are packaged with excessive maintenance and distracting visuals, Invisalign aligners provide a more convenient teeth straightening experience.

Invisalign consists of a series of clear aligners that straighten crooked or overly spaced teeth.  It is a widely used orthodontic treatment that is popular, in part because it is barely visible and can be removed before eating and during oral hygiene.

Another excellent feature of Invisalign aligners are their flexibility.  They can be removed for any occasion, whether you are brushing your teeth or enjoying a meal.

Escondido Invisalign

The aligners can be replaced in intervals of two weeks and remain effective in straightening your smile. The advantages of Invisalign over typical metal braces are numerous.

No brackets or wires are necessary. The aligners can be removed for cleaning and eating, and there are no food restrictions.

For a teeth straightening experience that is aesthetic and efficient, Invisalign is the ideal treatment. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today to experience an outstanding procedure that works in comfort and results.