Teeth Whitening Escondido

Teeth Whitening EscondidoA teeth whitening procedure is the right type of treatment for patients affected by stained or discolored teeth.   Dr. Bozir is among the most recognized and experienced dentists in this field around the San Diego area.

Teeth whitening provides a safe and comfortable method of brightening stained or dull teeth.  The procedure can benefit multiple teeth or a single tooth.

Our bleaching products contain peroxides that enhance the color of your teeth by up to ten shades.  Bleaching works for numerous individuals and is effective in combatting the discoloration of teeth. This can be due to numerous factors such as age or the consumption of common foods, including coffee and tea.

Whitening works more effectively on teeth that are yellow or brown.  Other colorations can be lightened as well but with not as much dramatic change.  Crowns, bridges, and fillings may not be treated with the same results as natural tooth enamel.

At California Smiles Family Dental, we can examine your teeth and determine if teeth whitening is the correct solution for you.  Please schedule a consultation with us today and let our team help you reach your dental health goals.