General Dentist Escondido

This area of dentistry includes basic dental services such as:

Composite or resin bonded fillings

These are simple tooth colored fillings which are placed to restore tooth health, shape and function once decayed tooth structure is removed.

Porcelain inlay or onlay fillings

When a cavity is too large to fill with a simple bonded filling, these are used as restorations to restore the tooth.

Porcelain crowns

When a tooth has a fracture, a large old filling, a root canal, or a large amount of decay a crown is necessary to replace and restore tooth structure.

Dental Cleanings

When a patient is examined, measurements are taken of the periodontal pockets, or space between the teeth and gums.  These measurements help to determine the general health of the supporting structure of the teeth and will help Dr. Bozir diagnose the health of the gums and underlying bone.

Along with other factors present such as amount of plaque and tartar buildup, bleeding, and staining only then can Dr. Bozir accurately determine which type of cleaning is necessary; such as a prophylaxis which is done in the absence of disease; to a deep cleaning which is done when disease is present.

The health of the gums and underlying bone structure is important not just for oral health but for systemic health as well.  Infection in the oral cavity affects other parts of the body.


When extractions are necessary Dr. Bozir’s main objective is to complete the extraction with ease and without discomfort.  With most extractions bone grafting is also recommended in order to preserve the bone level for optimal tooth replacement in the future.

Emergency dental care

Sometimes in life unexpected dental emergencies occur.  Rest assured Dr Bozir is experienced enough to handle these.  She is available to you with just a phone call.